Fast, Private & Affordable STD Testing
$129.00 - $349.00
Most sexually transmitted diseases do not show symptoms, making it possible to be infected with an STD and not know it. Did you know that if you have one STD, you may have multiple STDs?

- 100% Confidential STD Testing
- 5 Minute Testing with Results in 1 to 2 days
- All Tests are FDA-Approved
- Same Day STD Testing Available
- Over 4,500 Testing Centers Nationwide

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$129.00 - $349.00
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10 Panel Test
10 Test Panel with HIV RNA Early Detecti
Chlamydia & Gonorrhea
Herpes I & II
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Know Your Status. Get Tested.
Giving you control over your sexual health is one of the most important things we can do. That is why we've eliminated the embarrassment and hassle of conventional STD testing. We give you access to the same FDA- approved testing used by doctors and hospitals. Once you place your order, you can visit any of our nationwide testing centers without an appointment, even the same day of your purchase. Your results are delivered to you and no one else - nothing is reported to your insurance or placed on your medical records. More importantly, we provide guidance and support every step of the way, no matter what your results are.
Take charge of your sex life today. Help stop the spread of STDs by knowing your status.
Private STD Testing: Since we aren’t going through your insurance, your results will not be reported to them. This means your results will not be stored on your permanent medical records, and only you will know about the fact you were tested.
Quick & Discreet: In and out, your time spent won’t be more than a few minutes. The technician/receptionist won’t ask any questions regarding why you’re there. Provide your sample, and you’re free to go.
10 Test Panel Advantage: We are the only company that tests for all the most common STDs, including hepatitis A. Doctor’s offices often only test for major STDs. Our 10-test panel is the most comprehensive on the market.
Doctor Consultation available: If any of your results come back positive, we have doctors available to talk with you over the phone. They can prescribe treatment and have the medication sent to a pharmacy of your choice! If needed, they will even refer you to a specialist.
Fast STD Test Results: After supplying your samples, your results will be available online in typically 1-2 days later. If you’re ever wondering the status of your results, feel free to give us a call!
100% Satisfaction: We care about all of our patients. If you ever have any questions or doubts, our Care Advisors are more than happy to assist you. Give them a call and you’ll soon be on your way to total satisfaction.
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